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After reading the review I personally don't feel the application should be there on my Mac. Once I installed MacKeeper and found it was too aggressive with features that are glossy but dangerous to use.



You are Correct Sir -

Yesterday I contacted Apple Support for the best App to use for the purpose of removing Dupes.

When I posted the option of MacKeeper -

The head of Apple Support replied immediately with this warning -

Do not install MacKeeper (and how to uninstall it if you have):

I wish Mac support sites like these were not paid for reviews they never tried -
We get used like viagra experiments & then have to deal with the chaos to fix it.
When one contacts these App sites - and they Use Gmail vs Mac mail - that should be a clue.


Gary Lundquist

This review fails to address some of the more disturbing aspects of the software and its creators that I found with a simple Mackeeper search, one of which is the creation of phony websites with bogus reviews for MacKeeper when one searches under "Mackeeper reviews". I was "this far" from buying it for both my computers when I found some of these accusations. Maybe these accusations are false... but it didn't take me long to find them...and I would have thought the reviewer might take the time to do the same. OK, maybe he needed to do it AFTER his untainted test, but it should have been vetted somehow. I'm disappointed in this review.



I have found that CleanMyMac does an excellent job of freeing up disc space when I need it. I have tried MacKeeper and now I keep getting pop-ups asking me to pay $39.95 for the full version. After this review, I don't see that happening.



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