Magia Wallet iPhone 5 Case Review

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Magia Wallet iPhone 5 Case Review

Sena's Magia Wallet feels and smells like fine Italian leather, because it is. The simple magnetic closure flips open to reveal your phone, plus room for three cards and a few bills. The style echoes classic ladies' pocketbooks, and the Magia wouldn't look out of place during a night out on the town.

Magia holds your iPhone via a sticky adhesive panel in the right side of the case's interior. Removing your phone is simple, and Magia leaves your phone free of any adhesive after using the case. If the adhesive looses its grip, stickiness can be restored by cleaning it with a wet cloth.

The bottom line. Magia is expensive, but it's well-made out of quality materials. Unfortunately Sena doesn't make shoes to match. Sorry, ladies.


iPhone 5


Simple, stylish design. Doubles as a card wallet. Soft Italian leather. Three color options.


Nothing to protect the front of your phone from cards in wallet.



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