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Bought it on the hype but think it has a lot to be desired compared to Logitech or the MS wireless. I use exposé frequently as I thought everyone did. What does Apple think we use? The function key ... get out, you don't mean it?




I've been using the new mouse since the launch of the new iMacs and while hands and wrists were a bit sore at first, it definitely gets better with time. I don't have any comfort issues anymore and I greatly prefer the new design. The two finger swipe is a lot easier if you just let go of the mouse and lightly run your fingers over it, though this doesn't work well if your fingers are too moist.



I went from using my clunky old mouse on my Intous3 [which has been well-worn, by this point] to this mouse for my 2008 iMac. The mouse is actually very cool. Apple did a good job with it. The mouse seems like it could do more in the multi-touch department [not as many gestures as my MacBook Pro], but the current round of gestures is enough to keep me happy.

The only annoyance I have with this mouse is that anytime there is heavy Wi-Fi usage [like a Time Machine backup], the mouse starts to skip and looses connection.



This mouse is a great idea. But, as i tried it out in the Apple store I immediately realized that it was a terrible mouse on the comfort side. Most of my had rested on the table and the edges were sharp, almost razor-like. If would recommend opting for the mighty mouse which is a lot more comfortable. Personaly I very much prefer my Logitech Performance mouse MX which is huge and my hand rests only on the mouse itself. It also has an expose button. I recommend not buying this mouse because it is frustratingly uncomfortable. I am an avid apple fanboy but this mouse is terrible.



That mouse rocks! I can see why it would hurt your hands though.



as someone with larger hands i have to say I regrettably had to return my magic mouse yesterday because it was actually hurting my hand to use it. Gorgeous - but not practical for me so I went back to the giant logitech laser mouse :\

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