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I'm just your average everyday iphone user but Mailbox has changed the way I use email. I have never got to inbox zero until I used this iPhone app. In fact not only did I get to zero, I did it easily. My wife and I both use it and we both love it! We signed up long ago and waited quite a long time for it. We didn't complain about the wait because we knew it was worth it. Some people don't have a lot of patience thats fine then just use something else.

As far as the MacLife Review, I completely disagree with it. Apparently Andrew Hayward forgot that the almighty Gmail has gone down before even as recent as Dec 10, 2012. Gmail was down globally for the morning. Are we to conclude that Gmail is not ready for Primetime and that we should change email providers. I don't think so. Mailbox is a great new app with a snooze/reminder feature that no one has except for Boomerang and thats only an add on to the Gmail webmail. Snooze is a great feature to remind you about certain emails that you still need to work on but at a later date. Wonderful. It uses the Clear app's colorful swipe features to get you through all your emails quickly. Amazing! It uses a conversation type chat style to easily identify people in those long email conversations. Thank goodness! Its all wrapped up in a nice very quick elegant package.

Does it have a few things that need to be tweeked? Absolutely. Just like every app out there thats periodically updated. Mailbox is our primary email client and its stable. All my wife and I can say is that Mailbox makes email fun again. Its that good.



I think I have to disagree with your review. I agree the outage was unexpected and surprising but I think it misses the point of what the app is currently. Mailboxapp is currently an advanced Beta of the final release that will include access for other mail services. This is a crowdsourced way of discovering the kinks that they are otherwise unable to find simply within a limited beta. Hence, why there is a queue that you had to sign up for and wait in line for access.

In addition, since the purchasing of Sparrow Mail by Google last summer the iPhone community isn't left with many great Mail alternatives to choose from. At least we can be happy with the fact that Mailboxapp out of the box overcomes the shortcomings of Sparrow with access to Push e-mails and great new features.

I would consider doing another review in the future as I am sure Mailboxapp will get much better over time. I certainly have used it to replace Mail for all that i need to do.



I'm still in the queue (562,000) and increasingly losing interest in this application. I read here about the problems with the server so I will continue to use :)

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