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I'm a long time user of Story Mill, and I have tried Scrivener as well. I settled on Story Mill (and its earlier incarnation as Avenir) because its feature-set and approach to fiction writing fit my style better than Scrivener. In particular, I use tools in Story Mill that help me manage characters and scenes extensively. Scrivener is more general in its approach.Now, I think Scrivener is a great piece of software. My decision has to do with my work style.Both applications share certain similarities, both in organizational structure and working metaphors. They differ in the details, and it's those details that users should look at when deciding which is better suited to them. I've written two books and a half dozen stories in Story Mill, with more planned. I find SM to be a very powerful tool. I have friends who swear by Scrivener, including one who bought a Mac specifically FOR Scrivener. She's working on the fourth in a six-book contract in Scrivener.Ralph, you mention the price difference, but I suggest that difference is trivial compared to the actual features of the applications themselves. Both offer 30-day evaluation periods and active communities in support of them. I prefer Story Mill, but the decision about which is best for you might be best made in direct comparison. I see a great future for Story Mill, particularly as version 4 with versioning and other new features draws near, but I encourage potential users to try both and see which fits better. 



How does this product compare to Scrivener by Literature and Latte? Scrivener is cheaper and is used by many writers.

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