Marware C.E.O. Premiere for iPhone 3G



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QuickFlipCase for iPhone and iPhone 3G from Grantwood Technology, is way mo' betta.

HALF the price. Available on Amazon and elsewhere. Uses magnets instead of the noisy velcro (which also, as we all know, attracts gunk and eventually wears out) to close. It's also a little "looser"... I found the Marware case a little too snug. I can actually fit the super-slim Power Support Air Jacket case on the phone (for a little extra protection while the phone is outside of the case) and it still slides smoothly in and out of the Grantwood case. And there's no obnoxious metal logo.

The Marware case isn't exactly BAD, but considering you can do better for less, I can't imagine why anyone would want one.

I don't work for Grantood, but I'm a satisfied customer. :)

In sum: Better and Cheaper. Win!

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