Matias Tactile Pro 3 Review



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First, apple keyboard r far from the best keyboards out there. Just cuz u guys think it looks nice doesn't mean it's any good.
Seconds, it feels terrible. My MICROSOFT ergonomic keyboard feels great.
Third, it's not as customizable as other keyboards out there as far as keystrokes, layouts, macros, etc.
Forth, just cuz apple made it doesn't mean its good. Ie no full screen capability for your windows in osx. Super lame and basic function.

Don't get me wrong i love things about Macs, but I also love windows, and Linux.

Don't be a sheep hahah



Just out of curiosity, are there any keyboards that do hold the Caps Lock when active? If so, which one(s)?




The original Apple Extended Keyboard II locked down the Caps Lock when it was toggled on. I've never seen that on any other keyboard.

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