Mercury Extreme Pro SSD Review



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SSDs on mac are great but expensive hope they get cheaper there too



Actually the mean time between failure and the no moving parts, lower energy needs, shock resistance etc. make them more reliable than a regular hard drive. The drive's from OWC have a 8% over provisioning and buit-in wear leveling so they should last a long time and stay fast. I'd still have a backup for it. There are still the issues of accidental deletion and corruption from software.



I would LOVE to have the 480 Gb model...

...but I couldn't justify spending that much on it. Hopefully the prices of SSDs go down considerably in the next few years. Platter-based HDDs can be relegated to the annals of history.

(A 60 or 120 Gb SDD would make a reasonably-priced boot-drive for a desktop in the here and now, however.)



Even still, SSDs are not as stable as their platter-based counterparts. If you decide to go the way of SSD, make sure to have a back up drive, especially in a tower. I think a small capacity one would be best in a MacBook Pro, but even then...




Good point. I've still not had a platter-based HDD fail. Had some bad USB drives though.

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