Milo Review

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Milo Review

Milo is a great little stand, with a microsuction pad to hold your iPhone or iPod touch (or other smartphone, I guess, if you gotta play it like that) in either portrait or landscape orientation. Bluelounge has a newer aluminum version for $29.95, but the original plastic version is just as good -- and only $14.95.

One large microsuction pad holds the Milo to your desk -- this is optional, but without a firm attachment to the desk, the whole Milo will come up when you try to pluck your iPhone from the stand. The microsuction pad on the stand's arm will stick to most smooth, hard iPhone cases, but if your case has texture or fabric, your results may vary. The pads don't leave any adhesive residue on your device (since they don't actually use adhesive, just lots of tiny, tiny suction cells), and if it gets dirty or linty and starts to lose grip, you can just use a piece of packing tape to pull the dirt up, and it's as good as new.

The bottom line.
Milo is a perfect throne for your iPhone or iPod touch, especially if you don't use a case.

$14.95 (original), $29.95 (aluminum)

iPhone or iPod touch


Holds the device firmly and without adhesive. Graceful curve. Aluminum version matches Mac finish. Plastic version is cheap.


Only one angle.



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