Monoprice 5-inch Ink Pen/Stylus Review

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Monoprice 5-inch Ink Pen/Stylus Review


Need a stylus? If your answer is "meh, not really, but sort of, I guess," let me submit that maybe you'd get some good use out of a stylus, but you're probably not gung-ho enough to drop $30 on one. Luckily our favorite destination for dirt-cheap cables-n-more,, sells this great pen-slash-stylus for under $7.

The rollerball pen writes smoothly with black ink. It takes standard refills, so you can keep using it when the ink runs out, or switch to blue if you like. The pen cap has a clip, and a Monoprice logo we could do without, but the thing that really bugs about the cap is that it doesn't fit on the other side of the pen. (Which means I'll lose it, and it's a miracle I haven't lost it yet.) But maybe you don't want to cover the other side of the pen, since that's where the stylus is. It's a standard rubber stylus, great for tapping and swiping, and it's serviceable for drawing and note-taking too if you don't need a more fine-tipped (and expensive) version.

The bottom line. Another low-priced hit from Monoprice. Pick up a bunch of extras for gifts, or people who borrow your pen and don't give it back.

$6.97 (price drops if you buy more than one)

Touchscreen device


Rollerball pen writes well and takes refills. Stylus on the other end.


Cap doesn't stay on the other end.



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