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both our Mophie Juice Packs are faulty. Mine gets hot with extended use; my wife's actually started to melt durng charging. Although seductively designed, it is unreliable and not worth the money.



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I bought the MJPA after a recommendation from a friend on twitter and MacLife's ad. The case has been wonderful, and allows me to keep up my text/email/picture/tweet heavy iPhone use for nearly 2 days before recharging. I love not having to take the case off to charge it as well. One thing to remember, read the manual. Leave the MJPA in stand by until you need to turn it on, then let it charge the iPhone, since it takes extra battery to allow it to charge, so you don't want the MJPA on all the time or it will run both batteries down. Great recommendation MacLife!



just like everyone's said so far, sans the author, you can charge while the iPhone is in the MJPA. Granted, you can't use the standard dock-connector cable, as that port on the iPhone is plugged into the MJPA, however, you plug in the microUSB cable that comes with the MJPA into the computer and into the MJPA and it'll sync and charge the case and phone just fine. You can also plug that same cable into the Apple USB-AC adapter if you don't need to sync.

The only problem I'm having with mine is that, if you live in an area where your reception is poor, placing your iPhone inside the MJPA will kill your reception. I had the same experience with the Incase Power Slider. It may just be a thing with the cases with batteries inside, but both killed my reception. If you live in a strong coverage area, then there's no problem.

Something that wasn't mentioned was how fragile the top of the case is: the MJPA comes in two parts, main battery and bottom part, and the top. If you notice when viewing their website, they offer the top case for $7.95. That gives the implication that it will need to be replaced, and here's why - the top is made with very thin plastic, especially by the volume rocker, and because it fits so snuggly together, getting the top of the case off without breaking it can be a challenge. I've heard many stories of people snapping theirs the first time they tried to take the case apart.

But here's a tip: if you have a fingernail, pry it between the top and bottom seam ALONG THE BACK of the case, preferably right in the middle, so that there is equal pressure being applied to the case pieces. the first one I broke snapped right at the volume rocker because I was prying the case apart from the sides, which increases the pressure applied to each side. Of course, when I emailed mStation about it, they sent me two brand new tops for free! Wonderful customer service.



I preordered mine and got it the day they were released. My first one had a glitch in it that made my iPhone's battery meter behave strangely. If I ran the battery down low then flipped on the switch to charge the iPhone off the JPA battery (which provides a full charge for the iPhone, effectively doubling your battery life), and ran the iPhone down low again. It would act as if it wasn't charging properly when I plugged the device into the micro USB charger. The JPA would charge, and the iPhone (still docked in the case) would charge, but the iPhone battery meter would still think it had less than 5% battery life left unless I restarted the iPhone.<hr />This is apparently a known issue b/c when I e-mailed tech support, they responded that it would be fixed/replaced under warranty and they sent me instructions on how to return it. They paid shipping both ways and I got a brand new JPA a week or so later.<hr />First, you can easily charge both the iPhone and the JPA at the same time using the included micro USB cable if the iPhone is docked in the case. It just needs to be either plugged into the USB port on the computer OR into any USB AC adapter that you could plug the regular iPhone/iPod cable into. I have mine charging off of a universal charger/adapter every night without problems. It take, seemingly, no longer to charge both simultaneously than it does to charge the iPhone itself (i.e., the current draw is not the issue, it's the ability of the battery to accept charge that is the time limiting factor). <hr />Second, I agree wholeheartedly that I'd rather have an iPhone/iPod plug on the bottom than a micro USB so that I could use it with all my iPhone accessories such as FM transmitters and chargers for my truck. I was trolling the forums at Mophie, though, and one of the folks at Mophie posted that this was their desire, too, but that Apple doesn't license the 32-pin connectors on the bottom of iPhones/iPods to any third-parties, so they couldn't do it that way. This sounds like a very Apple thing to do, and I can't, for the life of me, think of any other third party gadgets that have the female plug on them, either. Thus, it doesn't appear to be Mophie's fault.<hr />Third, and the only real design flaw I see with the device, is that it doesn't appear to be designed to be easily removed. It's intended to be around your iPhone 24/7, apparently. My first unit was difficult, to say the least, to remove. The second one is nigh on impossible b/c of such tight gaps. I can't even get a fingernail between the top and bottom pieces on the back. I have to use a knife.<hr />Fourth, I think the "it gets fingerprints" thing has a plus side, too. Not the fingerprints, but the fact that it is smooth and easy to remove from one's pocket. I've had rubbery/sticky cases and they always get hung up in my jeans pocket when I'm trying to quickly answer a call. It's infuriating. With it smooth, it much more easily slips into and out of pockets. The extra bulk/size actually makes the iPhone a little easier to grip and handle, too, making me less likely to drop it. I could see a good argument for having an optional grippy surface, too, but I'd choose the slick surface personally.



I know it is a personal habit to use AC power, but connecting it to the computer via USB once a day while working keeps it in sync and fully charged. And, you don't have to remove it from the case,... We are able to go for 3 days or so between charges, which is nice, but I am sure we use it less heavily than you. But, if you plugged in for an hour during the day, you are synced and powered and it stays in the case. Just a thought.


Leslie Ayers

You can't actually charge and sync your iPhone while it's in the case.See item under cons above, "No dock-connector pass-through." What I did every night was charge the case itself, as I was charging my iPhone, which I'm in the habit of doing via the AC outlet, *not* attached to my Mac via USB dock connector. ~Leslie


"taking the case off the phone did add an extra step to this nightly ritual"

You can charge the phone in the case. You can sync it in the case. You can disable the external battery to save the extra juice for later. So why take the phone out of the case at all?

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