Moshi iGlaze for iPhone 5 Review

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Moshi iGlaze for iPhone 5 Review

For minimalists, iPhone cases are something of a dilemma. The iPhone is beautiful and sleek...but the majority of case options cover up Apple's storied design with something else entirely. On the other hand, Moshi's iGlaze is the least amount of case you can get and still call it a case.

An ultra-thin hard plastic shell, the iGlaze comes in eight different colors, with thoughtfully-designed cutouts for all your phone's buttons and ports. There's even a round cutout over the Apple logo on the back, if you're the type that likes to advertise your gadgetry.

The bottom line. Realistically, the iGlaze isn't heavy duty, but it will protect against many of the bumps and bruises that iPhones get subjected to going from pocket to bag to desk to table to dresser and back again.


iPhone 5


Eight colors. Ultra-sleek low-profile design.


Offers less protection than more substantial cases.



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