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Only a couple weeks ago this article would of been flooded with "Mad Droid" users that claim over and over than no matter how many flaws the phone has that it is much better than the iPhone because it is open source and that is somehow supposed to make it better. I am now almost two weeks behind on getting my Apple news and I came across this article and while reading fully expected to read a pages and pages of trolls claiming that fan boi sights will never give the correct reviews. It is sad how fast the Nexus One has killed the Droid and I would be upset if I was Verizon and Motorola especially since I hear they dumped over a hundred million in advertising this holiday season. Ill stick with the iPhone and still the champ. Good article and you hit the droid on the head with this one. It is a great phone but not the iPhone but I am cheering it on none the less cause it keeps "the innovator" (Apple) innovating. Keep up the good work MacLife you always have the best articles.

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