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As can be read at your mail is routed over third-party (Russian) servers. In addition we registered access to our IMAP servers from the same third-party IP addresses even when we where not online, not using myMail. The servers are connected to; this is also where your e-mail and login data are stored.

Some users report that this happens even after you uninstalled the software.

It worries us that the login data and all e-mails are stored at third-party servers. myMail's helpdesk has quick response, which is good, and acknowledges this. They state they are very open about this. We think we should have been informed before, e.g. during installation, and - if we agree - only then the software should gain access to your data.

Bottom line: you are not accessing the e-mail on your mail server, but you are accessing a copy of your e-mail that is stored on a server by using your login data.

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