Nikon D7000 DSLR Review



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Took my new D7000 to England, London and the countryside and a quick trip to Paris. The camera is dead reliable and with a pro level chip is quick enough for rapid shots. The 18-105 lens is a real improvement especially for inside shots and close ups at the Chelsey flower show. The lens is bulky and heavy, a better choice is the Nikon 50 mm with it's greater light gathering capacity and smaller size. Another plus is the capacity to use a backup chip and store both raw and compressed files. Battery life is awsome. I think it's worth saving for.



Since 7 months I'm following its price trend from the ebay and some reference web sites from the "seller view". Too few the camera sold; I would buy it only if its price is €1000 or its dollar equivalent shipping and custom duty included.

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