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The Lumia came along just as my contract had expired and honestly I wasn't going to get another phone for awhile. But for free considering the $100 from Nokia due to the early problems? No brainer. I really like this phone, except for the camera as has been mentioned. Indoors, forget least so far. Outdoors it's not bad. I've been playing with the settings and that's helped a lot until...did you know you can't leave the phone on the kitchen center counter edge for a long time and leave it on? Well, ya can't unless you don't have a tile floor in your kitchen which I do, or if nobody calls you so that it doesn't vibrate and wander off. Of course that broke the screen....anyhow, it's being fixed and I'm back on my iPhone for a little while longer. Can't wait to see what I can do to improve my photos when it comes back.



Microsoft sure made it easy to get some Mac users on board. There's an app in the Mac App Store that syncs this phone with iTunes. Pretty slick. (I'm sure protected videos purchased or rented won't work, but that's a very minor point for most.)

iPhone is great, but choice is always a good thing too.



I agree with your review on all points. I have used multiple Android handsets and my iPhone4S was my daily driver (and all previous iPhones before it). I got the Lumia 900 on a free upgrade (with the Nokia $100 Credit showing up on my AT&T bill) and have been using it for the last 3 or 4 weeks.

One feature that is missing is the ability to copy and paste from an email. Example: I want to copy a sentence from an email and use it in a Tweet or text message. Can't seem to get that to work. Copy/Paste works almost everywhere else.

There are a few apps that I would love to see on the Lumia including Instagram, but given the platform politics, I am not sure how soon that will be a reality. I still carry my iPhone 4S for the photo taking aspects (and sharing). And love the fact that I can tether via WiFi.

One bonus of the Lumia (and other Windows Phone 7 devices that I have) is the bluetooth text to speech that allows me to drive, get a text, have the phone speak the message to me, and then give me the option to reply or ignore. If I reply, it will transcribe my voice and then give me the vocal prompt to send.

All the hype with Siri and Android yet neither does this well.

Lumia gets a solid 7 out of 10 for me. Fix the camera, as you described, and let me copy and paste from emails and I'd change the rating to a 9.

P.S. All lot of attention is being paid to the Lumia recently with newly uploaded apps being developed by or with Nokia. This is great news and will really help the platform get attention as a valid option against Android and iOS.



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I came here expecting to see a bad review -- for obvious reasons, but I must say that I'm surprised. I agree with @cptkiller -- I also have the Lumia 900 (cyan), it definitely meets all my needs, and here are some standout items that I don't see either on the iPhone or any droid:

1. ClearBlack display - I think it's as good as any other "with" the additional very nice benefit of working great outside!

2. Typing tech - ms research has done an excellent job on the typing technology that is built into this phone -- there is a research paper on the ms research site about the implementation.

3. Very good user interface design - the key to a good user interface is how quickly someone can get something done with the "least" amount of steps/effort. I find myself navigating around a lot less on this ui than I do on either iPhone or Android.



For $99 it more than meets my needs. I like the larger screen. I use it a lot here in Texas. No complaints. It is outstanding, it has many features, and is reliable.

What else can I say.

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