NuTouch Gloves Review

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NuTouch Gloves Review

Touchscreen gloves in April? Tell it to our friends in the Midwest and Colorado right now. (And shoutout to anyone else who has snow and isn't too excited about it.) Newer Tech's NuTouch Gloves are the first step toward admitting that you're addicted to your iPhone since you can't even keep your hands off it when it's cold and gross outside and if you don't wear gloves your fingers will go numb.

They're a handsome heather gray, so they match pretty much anything. They're thicker than those super-thin "stretch gloves" that everyone used to wear. All the fingers have capacitive ends, so it's like your fingertips are styluses, and all your Multi-Touch gestures will work. They seem like they'll hold up OK -- one ring finger on ours looked like it might have a loose thread, but in a couple weeks of wear the thread never budged. We've seen other pairs for $30 and some for even less, but this $20 pair strikes a good balance between quality and price.

The bottom line. Buying gloves in April assures it won't snow again until next winter, right? Please? And if you never have to use 'em, stash 'em away for a great holiday stocking stuffer.

Newer Technology

Touchscreen device


Warm and cozy. All 10 fingers have capacitive tips.


More colors or an ever cheaper price would be nice.



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