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Very interesting product. The pictures make it way bigger than it actually seems to be. Only slightly bigger than a deck of cards? Size is impeccable.

Only question is, what exactly are the kinds of games on it right now? Family games such as Monopoly or Pokemon, or are there shooters such as Call of Duty or Halo? Or a mix of both? Seems like the game variety is limited, but if they add more, that would change.

Seems like a product great for travel and things like such so you can bring it almost anywhere. Only problem is the HDMI-only thing. Yeah, yeah, you can buy the cord for $30, but that seems a bit much. My family is very out-of-date with our TVs. We only have one HDTV, and it doesn't have an HDMI port. I am not getting the product because of that reason as well as the game variety at the current time.



Were those images provided by the company, or taken during testing? Some of those are really nice pictures.



Wow, I was skeptical about the whole lag issue, but it sounds like it can work. I would like to see side-by-side screen grabs or even video of OnLive games versus their PlayStation, XBox or PC counterparts and see how close in comes in terms of picture quality.

I also wonder if the "peak times" will be a problem for the OnLive servers and not just broadband connections.



Actually ilikeimac I've done a few comparison videos and an OnLive review myself. You can see them at

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