Orb Audio Booster & Mod1 Speakers Review



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You can get Powered speakers with great audio quality for $ 399, Audioengine 5+

and a sub...($ 349)

For less than the total cost of the other system (if you include the sub mentioned in the article)

$ 749 for the Audioengine. $ 795 to $ 995 for the Orb system. With the Audioengine system you can use the $ 50 left over to go towards the cost of a DAC for even better sound.

This DAC D1 is $ 169 but the full Audioengine with a DAC is cheaper than the Orb with the Sub 10.

I added links to the audioenine stuff I was talking about but it was flagged as spam so I had to remove them.
just google audioengine 5+ and it will take you to their site.

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