OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro "Triple"



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7200 rpm 2.5 inch hard drives are fine as internal storage devices, but even Firewire 800 slows down the potential data transfer speeds of a 7200 external setup to the extent that there is no difference between DTS of 7200 and 5400. Calculate it! I recommend that you save your money, and spend less than $125 (New Egg) instead - buy a 500 GB 5400 2.5, put it in a MacAlly FW400 case (which by the way, like MOST quality enclosures comes with an on/off switch). Also runs much cooler.



Are you sure there is no on/off switch? I've got the same setup (it may be an older model, i'm not sure.), but I for sure have a small switch on the back to shut the drive off. Even your photo you've posted shows the switch that my model has.



He specifically says that there IS an on/off switch.

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