Pacsafe MeshSafe B200



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Why a solid rating if a thief can rip right through the top?
It sounds great for general use against pick-pockets, but the mesh means little, at least to me, if they can still get in through the top of the bag and nab your laptop anyhow. That considered, I'd end up where I'm at with my current bag: watching it like a hawk.


Travelling Matt

These bags are designed to stop thieves that will razor blade your bag whilst you are carrying it, that is why the mesh is in the bottom of the bag as that is how thieves will rob you. In Rome a thief used a razor to cut the bottom of my bag and got my ipod and some small change. These bags are specifically designed for that scenario.

It is not designed to be fort knox where you can leave it and it unattended and it will stop anyone getting inside.



Ah, I hadn't thought of that... probably because I don't typically use a backpack to carry my laptop (I use a Timbuk2 handbag), but now that you mention it, yeah, it makes perfect sense.

And I would never leave a laptop unattended, which was part of my point.

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