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Ray Aguilera's slam of the Palm Pre (Oct/09 p48) was a disappointment, not because of what it said, but because of what it didn't say. For the purposes of discussion, I am happy to admit that the iPhone is the best hand-held device on the planet. I would probably own one if I could. But I can't -- I'm locked into Sprint.

I suggest MacLife give its iPhone booster staff a real challenge: Write an article that tells us the best MacBook/Smartphone matchup for each of the other carriers: Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. Use the iPhone as the standard if you like, why not. But as a Sprint customer and MacBook Pro owner I'm still looking for a good Smartphone that will sync with my Mac.

And while you are at it, please remember that the limited Mac mail/address book/calendar isn't the only PIM for the Mac. It wasn't long after I purchased my first MacBook that I found the built-in e-mail client too limiting. I have been using Thunderbird for years and haven't found anything that can touch it.

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