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I was forced into upgrading from Parallels 5 to 6 in order for it to run on Lion OS X 10.7. Which is another awful experience in itself. Parallels 6 does not run well on my late 2010 Macbook Air 13". I know I only have 2Gb Ram and the Core 2 1.86Ghz probably is another minor issue. But really with Snow Leopard and Parallels 5 it was not as bad and speed although not as good as a Native running Windows 7 say in BootCamp. It was not that bad. But since Lion and Parallels 6 it has been pauses, slow or stopped Flash video and glitches between Parallels and Lion. Although Parallels says 6 is compatible with Lion. I have my doubts that its anything but a few tweaks to make it run. It still does not take advantage of much of Lion's new features.
To be honest I have to run Windows only for one thing. Internet Explorer that my company I work for requires to access its servers. If it were not for that I would gladly ditch Parallels forever!



Even for the simple upgrade fee I cannot justify until someone at Parallels answers my question I've asked again and again.

I've been attempting to run Parallels on an Macbook (white), Mac Pro and now a Imac i7 and all have had the same issue...after prolonged SUSPEND they do not recover w/o me having to reset the prv_vm_app.

Never an answer on their forum from users or I will not recommend v. 6 based on their past history (otherwise it works).

and no matter what I do I still get spam from Mac Life.

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