Parallels Desktop 7 Review



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500GB of disk space required for installation, are you serious?



Sorry this is not a review, this is an ad. This article talks nothing about the performance of the new version, whether it performs faster as they claim, whether it's stable, how are the features compared to VMWare? This article feels like the author just took the press release from Parallels then reworded it.


Roger Workman

Seriously. I read to the end and was wondering where the review was.



Who needs anything else?

Please be honest as no piece of software that is bug free. I have tried both fusion 4 and parallels and there is good bad with both. Please provide an honest review and/or disclose that this was a paid advertisement!

I would really like to know if my personal feelings are still true: Parallels is traditionally faster but fusion is usually more stable.....

I am hoping you will have a similarly glowing review of fusion soon then put the two in a head to head comparison and talk about both of their pros and cons. Through Virtual box in for good measure.....



"Virtualization specialists Parallels and VMware have been duking it out ever since..."

Why doesn't anyone ever include VirtualBox? Not just this article, Parallels Desktop 7 has been reviewed on a number of sites since it's release and not one has mentioned VirtualBox. It does the same things as the Parallels and VMware products and it's free.

You could at least mention it in passing.

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