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I'm surprised by this review, it was Editors choice in Macworld magazine but an okay rating here at MacLife. I too was hoping the Pogo Connect would allow drawing on a touchscreen to feel more like drawing on a Wacom graphics tablet, in my case my Cintiq. I never owned an iPad up until a month ago so maybe its skewed my views a little, making me more accepting of the Pogo Connect and the apps I've used it with, but overall I liked it.

The Pogo Connect itself is shorter then my Wacom intuos 3 digitizer pen and the tip is definitely fatter, more like a Wacom 6d art pen. So it takes some getting used to.

I've tried two apps with the Pogo Connect pen, the free version of Paper, just to test it out and Procreate, my first app purchase. With Paper as mentioned in the review only changed the thickness. But well what do you expect, Paper is after all an easy to use and pretty to look at app that has no brush settings or customization.

Procreate on the other hand is the exact opposite it has tons of brushes and settings that at first didn't seem to do much with the pogo connect. But if you dig a little deeper and go to the brush settings, dynamics, and scroll to pressure you'll find opacity and size that will effect how the pressure applied to the pogo connect acts. And further adjustments to the general brush setting to adjust the min and max size and opacity limits will give you more or less of a difference in brush size or opacity when pressing down hard or soft with the pen. It is well worth the effort. When I made those adjustments to the brush(s) I was using the pressure sensitivity was good enough to get similar results to my Wacom Cintiq. A soft touch gave me thin lines and a hard touch gave me fat lines, and there was enough pressure sensitivity in-between to get what I wanted. If I wanted it to alter the opacity simply change the settings and I go from light to dark.

I would think Photoshop Touch has some similar settings for its brushes doesn't it?

As to not being able to use it with previous versions of the iPad without a work around certainly makes it less useful for those people. But the iPad mini is supported at least according to Ten One's website, though not all apps support the iPad mini yet, some that do according to the website are, Procreate, Paper, and Adobe Photoshop Touch to name a few.

I think really your mileage with the Pogo Connect is very dependent on what apps you use and how you use them. For me Procreate, once I figured it out, was a really great fit with this pen. No it won't replace my Cintiq, Ten One Design claims hundreds of levels of pressure sensitivity compared to 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity that my Cintiq has and the fact the the Wacom digitizer pen is far more accurate with its small tip for detail work will keep me from ditching Wacom. But when I'm not sitting at my desk with Photoshop, or ArtRage Studio Pro open, my new iPad, this little pen, and Procreate are the next best thing. So I hope that people interested in a pressure sensitive stylus give the Pogo Connect a chance.

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