Portable External Hard Drive Roundup



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Bars are unhelpful; I really need Read/Write times to make an accurate judgment. I appreciate the effort and the writeup in general, but not helpful when comparing speed.



PLEASE post the drive speeds in a larger size and PLEASE compare to SATA drives as well!!!!!!! THANKS!!!       Mac user since 1987!



I recently bought a G-Tech 500GB from the Apple Store. It's been great! Fast (7,200 RPM), Firewire 400/800 and USB 2.0. I have a PowerBook G4 1 GHz that absolutely crawled using USB (only 1.1) with Time Machine. The G-Drive on the Firewire 800 port is amazing - like night and day! And, the G-Tech housing is built like a tank.Seems to me that - if it's sold in the Apple Store - you should include it in your reviews. It feels like you really only reviewed 4 companies: LaCLie, Seagate, OWC and Western Digital.


Dave in Kauai

I disagree with the reiview of the Toshiba 400

I find the wind direction does have an affect on the sailing. I think the sailing between waypoints is fascinating and exciting. I do agree that the easily sinkable enemies pose little threat.

(if you fix your review, this won't make any sense at all)


Roberto Baldwin

I feel bad that I had to change the review because your comment was hilarious. Although, next time I go sailing, I'm bringing the Toshiba 400. Just in case.


How come you never rate drives from G-Technology?

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