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Adrian here, Presence's developer. Thanks Ray for your excellent review.

Security is a high priority in Presence and I'll be making a couple of changes in the next version, addressing the security concerns raised in this article.

1. It will no longer be possible to log in to an account that has no password.

I must say I'd recommend using a password on all user accounts, whether running Presence or not, but it seems that the practice of not having a password is more common than I'd thought.

In the mean time, Presence users should make sure they have sensible passwords on all accounts.

Some of the inconvenience of having a password can be avoided by turning on automatic login in System Preferences (under Accounts, or Users and Groups in Lion).

2. The default share email won't contain the password (although I may include an option to enable this for those who want the convenience).

Of course, users can easily delete the password from the email - it's just default text - but having to opt-in seems a prudent option.

The share passwords you choose should of course be different from your Mac account password.

3. In true Mac style, Presence aims to be usable without a manual. Some of the newer and more complex features (sharing, iOS file transfer) can benefit from some explanation, which can be had here:

(Hmm - posting a URL is triggering your spam filter. It's under User Manual in the help section at

I agree that making this more accessible from the application would be helpful.

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