Protector Case for iPhone 5 Review

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Protector Case for iPhone 5 Review

The Protector Case is not fancy -- it's just a silicone skin for your iPhone 5, kind of boxy, with less-than-elegant grippy patches that cover Jony Ive's gorgeous diamond-cut chamfer. But it wins points for its low price (just $14.99) and the wide-open bottom which makes it compatible with the wide, flat Apple Lightning to 30 Pin Adapter and any third-party Lightning cable you can find.

Other than that, it's a pretty standard case. The Home button, Sleep/Wake button, and volume buttons are covered but still easy to press. It's nice and thick and comes in nine colors: black, bubble-gum pink, hot pink, orange, turquoise (shown here), red, purple, gray, and olive green.

The bottom line. We wish every iPhone 5 case was this open on the bottom, so we can plug in pretty much anything without removing the case first.

Griffin Technology

iPhone 5 or fifth-gen iPod touch (versions for iPhone 4, fourth-gen iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod classic also available for $19.99 each)


Wide-open bottom lets you use the Apple Lightning-to-30 Pin Adapter. Smooth back and grippy sides.


Basic silicone cases aren't the most elegant looking.



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James Glover

A new case that has just launched on Kickstarter, and promises to be cheaper and smaller, but also has cool built-in gas lights that make it glow in the dark

google: nitecase

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