RadTech ACpower Review

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RadTech ACpower Review

Apple includes a USB power adapter with every new iPhone, iPod, and iPad, so in theory I should have...oh, at least 9 (no kidding) in my possession. In reality I am always looking for one. This is probably because I leave them behind in hotels or let friends borrow them, but how they disappear isn't the issue. The issue is how much I hate paying Apple for a new one. Luckily, RadTech's ACpower is cheaper than Apple's power adapters, and it can charge two iPads at once.

The ACpower's dual USB ports each pump out 5 volts of power. And when you purchase the ACpower, you can choose from the 1-amp "standard" model for $9.95, or the Hi-Energy version for $14.95, which has 2.2-amp output that will let you charge your iPads just as quickly as the single-port $19 12W USB Power Adapter that sells for iPads.

Aside from the second USB port, the ACpower also has a cool swiveling part that lets you fold the plug prongs all the way back for travel. This is great for power strips too, since you can swivel the plug to stick out either 90 or 180 degrees. At 180 degrees, it won't cover more than one plug on your power strip. Bonus!
The bottom line. I really love this charger, and no, you cannot borrow it.

$14.95 (Hi-Energy, reviewed here), or $9.95 (standard)

iPhone, iPod, iPad, or any other device that charges with a USB cable


Cheap. Two ports. 2.2-amp output. Compact and lightweight. Swivels to fit better in power strips.


The only drawback compared to Apple's $19 12W USB Power Adapter is that you can't yank off the plug prongs and replace them with prongs for other countries' outlets.



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