Review: Crumpler Moderate Embarrassment Messenger Bag



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i'll have to agree with Ron, i'm not sure if it's big enough...i mean it doesn't APPEAR that I could fit a baby in there...then again i might be wrong.



Well, lets talk about this one for a moment.

First, as you have noticed, the colors of the Crumpler bags are gawd-awful; once upon a time, they at least had pure black with a light yellow interior -- now even that choice is gone.

Second, the bag is not that large: you fit in your laptop, charger, and a few other odds and ends and you really don't have much room for anything else

Third, while it is water repellent, it isn't waterproof, and depending on how it rides on your shoulder water, snow, dirt can get into your bag from the openings on the top of the bag -- that might not matter out there is SF, but it sure does here in snow-land Michigan

Finally: since it is made of a cotton-like material, it picks up every single piece of lint from your coat, sweater, etc.

I used this bag for about a month before eBaying it and going back to my trustworthy Timbuk2.



With all reviews, mileage may vary. I happen to love this bag and think it's way more than big enough for my own uses. But thanks for the additions!



I love them...any giveaways for these? :)



Keep your eyes peeled. A huge giveaway to end all giveaways is coming!

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