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Flash drives are becoming external hard drives, and 'the cloud' is still no competition. When I can put a monster database on a $30 flash drive and take it anywhere I go, it's so far ahead of a cloud-stored file it's not even laughable. It would take HOURS for even the best Internet connections to load that database remotely, and then HOURS MORE to resave it.

As for LaCie, their style is always spectacular, but they still demand double the price of generics. I can get a 4GB thumb drive with a keychain loop for under $10. Even if the style is worth an extra 10 bucks, why doesn't the 8GB simply cost 10 more than a generic ($12-15)? And I'd like LaCie to explain why it cost an extra FIFTY BUCKS to stuff 32GB drive in the exact same package as the 4GB? I might be willing to pay the $10 premium for this 4GB key, but not another 40 on top of that for the big model - I can get 64GB of storage for that price.

The biggest threat to LaCie is Apple joining the mainstream. When your only choice for an external Firewire drive was LaCie, you'd spend $200 for their (absolutely beautiful) 20GB drive. But now that you can grab a 1TB USB drive for 60 bucks, they have to rethink their pricing model.



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