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Thanks a million for the "solid" review! Our goal is to minimize distracted driving and hope that our product will help in that effort. Hopefully your comment about patchy response to Siri activation was purely based on the sequence you took. With iOS6 or iOS7 with Passcode disabled, you can simply do the long familiar click of the button and it'll trigger Siri. With iOS7 with Passcode enabled - Apple has revamped the sequence for Bluetooth devices (no doubt to accommodate for TouchID). One click of the button would bring up the Passcode screen. Follow that with a long click and Siri will activate. So our advice to iOS7 with Passcode enabled users is to simply invoke Siri by pressing short, pause for a second, then follow with long press. This works without a hitch for all of our customers on the newer iOS. Of course if the device is in sleep mode, one would have to wake it up with a simple short click first - then wait for the connection to be established. These are of course normal traits of battery operated Bluetooth devices.

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