Rokform RokShield v3 Review

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Rokform RokShield v3 Review

The RokShield v3 isn't just a case, it's the core of a mounting system: Rokform offers attachments from a tripod adapter ($29) to a suction mount ($49), and a sturdy bike mount ($69) to clips ($29) and a simple lanyard ($9). It all works with this burly, three-part case with optional screen protector. The case even has a built-in magnet so it'll stick to a magnetic surface -- although it didn't want to stay put on our refrigerator -- and Rokform offers a strong rare-earth magnet you can mount somewhere, and stick the RokShield to that. It would be tough to think of a mounting scenario not covered by some combination of all this hardware.

But the RokShield case itself is not the most pleasant to use. The Home button is covered by a hard plastic flap that doesn't give much when you push it, so you don't feel the click. The button works, but it just feels weird. So do the covered volume and sleep/wake buttons, although you can still feel and hear the click when you press them. And the openings over the Lightning and headphone ports are really deep -- Apple's cables worked, but not the Lightning-to-30-pin adapter.

The bottom line. Big points for adaptability, but the tricky access to the bottom ports is annoying.


iPhone 5


Lets you attach your iPhone to magnetic surfaces, or mount it with various kits. Sturdy.


Recesses the Lightning and headphone jacks behind small, deep openings.



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