Seagate GoFlex Satellite Review



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Keith, you used your Acer to post a comment? Great! Or did you use your phone? OMG, the possibilities!

Anyway, enjoy your Acer (I'm pro Acer myself, but anti-acid.)


P.S. Does this GoFlex have other interfaces besides WIFI? Tempting to buy someday to use with my Apple(R) The NewTM iPadTM. Would be even nicer if I could use Thunderbolt with it (via Seagate's new modular adaptor). LOL!


Keith E Whisman

What does it use for a charging connector? Micro or Mini USB like on Cell Phones? If it does support some sort of USB standard then in the car you can recharge in a USB Cigarette lighter adapter or your laptop. If it is Mini or Micro it can just as easily be charged by one of those portable chargers that come with a large battery and an assortment of connectors. I just got an Acer Iconia Tab A500 and this sounds like my next purchase. Great article but when your doing a review be a little more thorough.
I'm a MaximumPC reader and I noticed the link at the bottom of the page and clicked on it and noticed that there aren't very many posts on this site at all.....
Well I'm anti Mac but at least you'll have some posts to look at on your site.. LOL.

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