Seagate GoFlex Thunderbolt Adapter Review



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I just purchased the desktop version of this Seagate Thunderbolt adapter. One this that Seagate doesn't always let you know when choosing a GoFlex drive is the drive's rotational speed. Most of the "green" drives that are out there are slower, as are many of the large 2 or 3GB capacity drives. So, if you are expecting Thunderbolt performance, make sure that you choose a fast drive to go along with the adapter. Many notebook drives are only 5400RPM, so buyer beware.
Maybe Seagate will be coming out with an SSD version of this soon!!


Shock Me

The lack of a second port means the drive must be drawing power at the end of the daisy chain not in the middle. Just put all your other Thunderbolt accessories in front of it.

I like being able to access ALL my movies at once when I'm away from WiFi, LTE, or I am over my data limit for the month. Unfortunately, it will have to wait until I update my MacBook Pro. (I'll have to scrape by on Firewire 800.)

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