SeaSucker iPad Mounting System Review



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I purchased the Talon Bike Rack and have mounted my boat electronics using Sea Suckers.
They are an awesome product. Dead easy to use, the vacuum mount tells you when it needs a pump. Mind you when mounted on a clean smooth surface it can hold for weeks at a time.

I do believe there is an iPhone equivalent holder.
If you already have a Sea Sucker for the iPad all you would need to do is buy the RAM attachments and iPhone holder.
As the vacuum mounts are common across a variety of different solutions you can simply unscrew one attachment and bolt in the next. (I.e. you only buy additional vacuum mounts only if you need them).

Hope this helps.




I've owned one for about a month now and I am loving it! Besides working great in the car I can use it on my desk as well. This is a must have accessory for the iPad!



poo this is COOL i'm getting one! i can't wait to use it in the car! thx for showing it! is there one for iPhone (that would work a lot better in the car?

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