Shardlands Review

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Shardlands Review

Guide a pursuing monster toward a beacon and he’ll be zapped from the screen.

Finding your way through elaborate and impressively rendered mazes is the goal in each of Shardlands’ atmospheric stages, and you’ll do so by clicking to make heroine Dawn move to a location, as well as dragging movable panels into position and clicking buttons. There’s a nice puzzle-solving aspect to the navigation, as well as a bit of action, as you’ll have to avoid hazards plus dispatch enemy beasts using your surroundings. But the thankfully deliberate pace lets you consider each move before you make it.

The bottom line
. Nicely paced and presented, Shardlands offers an intriguing array of subtle (but smart) exploration puzzles.

Breach Entertainment

64-bit processor, OS X 10.7 or later


Intelligent maze-based navigational puzzles. Slick visuals and music. Deliberate pace is welcome.


Mouse-centric design can create rare interaction issues.



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