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Michael Shannon

The reviewer obviously hasn't played Civilization V on a MacBook Pro. I've owned every version of Civilization in the past and I eagerly looked forward to playing this version. In fact, since my birthday was in November, it's what I asked my wife to give me.

Now, on January 11, 2001, I'm still looking forward to playing this game, because so far this steaming pile of mis-programming has refused to complete a single game. Every game, without exception, becomes unplayable when I reach the 1800s. Civilization, so to speak, stops.

I have the graphics set on "low" just like in VGA days, even though it's 2011. I have patch 1.0. I have followed the support emails. I don't have any other programs running (just like if Fat Mac days!) And it's all bupkis.

Aspyr's priority was to release the game for the Christmas season, it was not to release a finished product.

My MacBook Pro is less than one year old. It has all the system updates and the game won't run.

Aspyr's advice is to wait on the SECOND PATCH which will appear sometime in the future! I'm supposed to check 'Steam' a service I have no reason to visit if I'm not playing the game to see when the patch is out. (Don't get me started on 'Steam' the brilliant innovation that won't let owners simply play the game with the DVD in the drive.)

My suggestion to MacLife is to test a game on more than one hardware platform before publishing a review that will mislead readers who trust the magazine's opinion.


Seamus Bellamy

Hi Michael, and thanks for your comment.

In the process of writing this review, I tested both a Pre-release of Civilization V as well as the final retail version downloaded from Steam. The review was conducted using an early 2010 13 inch 2.66 HHz MacBook Pro with 4 GB RAM, as well as on a late 2010 11 inch MacBook Air. In addition to this, I also took the time to play test the Mac version of the software versus the PC version of the same game. Surprisingly, I found the Mac version to be stable than its Windows counter part.

As an avid player of the Civilization series myself, I couldn't be more critical of Civilization V, as the franchise has set the bar very high. I'm sorry to hear about your compatibility issues and hope that a future patch makes the game more enjoyable for you. 


Michael Shannon

Thanks for the clarification. I assumed, wrongly, that my pretty standard MacBook Pro would perform like everyones. I have been waiting for weeks and am still waiting for patch 2.0. Then I may be able to join the lucky few (?) such as yourself who have actually finished a game.

I will say the new version, what I've played of it, delays combat until later in the game since you really need siege engines and the inability to stack helps the defense.

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