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I'm afraid your review fails to cover all of Sparrows shortcomings,

your head seems to have as been turned by its pretty appearance, Sparrow is at best a very slick "Email Reader"

it as no facility built into it to check mail at all, you just mention it as no "Push" when in fact it as no ability to check mail at all you have to do it manually

so for balance you readers need to be aware the following problems with Sparrow

You need to run it in tandem with another app if you want to be informed of new email

You can't rotate the screen to read those HTML emails

You can't print from Sparrow

You can't set up a "NONE STANDARD" IMAP account

You can't download a photo from Sparrow to your photo stream

So if you are a serious email user and you need your iPhone to inform you of new mail then using Sparrow on its own will be a disappointment, and like me you will need to revert back to using the native email app

Sparrow is indeed pretty, but like many pretty things it lacks substance once you get to know it ;-)


Michael Simon

Some good points. You can download photos, though.

Also, printing shouldn't be too much of an issue for most users since you need a supported printer anyway. 

Very true on the lack of landscape mode.

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