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I recently switched to a MacBook Air, necessitating me pay more careful attention to my utilization of drive space.

I'd previously been using MailPlane to access my GMail accounts. It's ugly (as is GMail), but it did the job.

I'm intrigued by Sparrow which does similar things, but in a much more elegant package.

Sparrow has an option to "download messages on demand" which I assume makes it act more like Mailplane by storing locally only what you need.

I'm wondering if Sparrow, despite this setting, might become a space hog, by accumulating lots of cashed emails, etc.

Can anyone comment on Sparrow with respect to this?




We’ve been working hard on Sparrow 1.2 for some weeks now. Most of what we’re doing has to be kept secret but the Universal Inbox will be there along with lots of improvements and cool new features.
-- From the Sparrow Mail App Blog

Get ready.
Sparrow 1.2 is now waiting for review.
-- @sparrowmailapp on twitter - 21 hours ago

So, there will be a unified inbox and it will be there soon!

Ps: Couldn't add links because the spam filter of maclife wouldn't let me.. o_O



Sounds nice, but no pop3 support? Really? Ouch.

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