Speck Products SmartFlex Card for iPhone 5 Review

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Speck Products SmartFlex Card for iPhone 5 Review

When it's time to hit the town, sometimes there's no room in your fancy coat's pockets or your sequined clutch for a bulky wallet and your iPhone 5. Speck says its SmartFlex Card case can hold 3 cards, but we got 3 thick credit cards plus a slightly thinner driver's license in there, and the fit was snug but didn't stretch the case past its limits -- and the cards were still easy to remove, thanks to the thumb-sized hole opposite the in/out slot.

The colors are cheery, especially the red, and your iPhone 5 is covered around every bezel and all four sizes -- almost too covered. The sleep/wake and volume buttons are covered by button-shaped bumps in the plastic, which makes them a little harder to press. (Having to use more force to take a picture with the volume up button, for example, led to a couple of blurry shots.) And the bottom of the case has only small openings over the Lightning port and the headphone port, so if your headphones have a bulky jack it might not fit. Apple's regular Lightning cable fits of course, but the small, flat Apple Lightning-to-30-pin adapter does not.

The bottom line. It was occasionally annoying to use as an everyday case, but it's a great second case for going out for a walletless evening.

Speck Products

iPhone 5


Easy on and off. Five colors. Holds 3, maybe 4, cards. Cards are snug but easy to remove.


Volume and sleep/wake buttons are a little harder to press. Small openings for Lightning and headphone ports can be incompatible with some accessories, including the Apple Lightning-to-30-pin adapter.



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