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Seems like that blasted draconian DRM is living up to its evilness. I had fun playing this game, and I didn't know it had SecuROM on it until after I installed it. I figured I would keep playing until I finished before I did.

For more info on SecuROM and how to delete the software from your comp, check out: Reclaim Your Game.

I was disappointed in Spore. Too much hype for a game that was extremely repetitive and mundane. Oh wells...

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I have a freaking macbook pro from a year ago. I recently purchased a copy of spore. It worked for 5 days. five glorious days. Then, suddenly, one day, kaput. It won't stay on for 10 seconds before giving me this:
UNHANDLED PAGE FAULT ON READ ACCESS TO 0x00000158 at address 0x005380c0. This is ridiculous. I paid 50 bucks for this game! i expect it to work! i expect it to work without a hitch! big disappointment, EA, big disappointment. If they don't fix this soon, i'll have to return the game.



Don't buy this game, download a pirated copy. Why? Because the DRM has been denying roughly 40% of the people who bought the game from accessing content on-line, and it slows the game down. I'm one of the people who were burned by this. I bought the game but no matter what I do it refuses to let me join the on-line community. Meanwhile, people I know who downloaded pirated copies have no trouble uploading their creations and downloading others work. Also, their version run smoother.

Regardless of how good Spore is, the DRM cripples it and punishes honest buyers while rewarding pirates.

Let's put an end to this. Don't buy Spore until EA releases a DRM-free version.


Zack Stern

Good luck with your boycott. Seriously. I hate DRM, I write articles about cracking it when I can, and I can't think of any reason it's good for the consumers. I hope you're successful and cause EA to pull it.

But you can't make the jump to pirate a game. If you don't buy it, don't play it, end of story. Suggesting (initially) that stealing a game is the answer--two wrongs make a right--knocks you off your high horse.



Too bad it won't run on most Macs.

A year-old top-of-the-line MacBook shouldn't be automatically disqualified from Spore ownership. Sigh.



If you have a Santa Rosa macbook you can run this, as it has the GMA X3100. Though the MacBook release just before cannot, which I assume is your issue. Plus, the MacBook is admittedly not a great gaming machine, as integrated gfx tend to be useless for high end games.

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