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I'll stick with Pandora.



Ok so I actually like that it has karaoke tracks (I'm a singer and I use them frequently) while I can't download them and record over them it's helpful that it's there. I'm a premium member on Spotify and I'm pretty satisfied. The offline mode saved my life when I was on a 8 hour plane ride. Personally the iPhone app isn't very good, it has to reload almost every time you open it. And adding music to a playlist isn't very straightforward in the app. It is easy to browse by artist, you search the artist and then click the artist at the top, then it shows their albums plus other songs they are featured in. Pretty simple. I like Spotify, go for premium if you travel a lot, otherwise the unlimited suffices.



Have you used Spotify recently? Not only can you have folders, but you can also have folders within folders, so it easy to organise your playlists. I am not sure why you feel it is not easy to browse by artist, because it seemed quite simple to me and it does contain tools to see related artists. The karaoke tracks might be there, but the real stuff is too. I am a fan of classical and world music and it is amazing what Spotify contains. I am not a Premium member yet, but I will be soon.

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