Superleggera Pro for iPhone 5 Review

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Superleggera Pro for iPhone 5 Review

Nobody tries to drop their iPhone, but the darn things are so easy to drop. So smooth, so thin, so constantly in our hands -- and occasionally on the ground. Today in the name of science I dropped my iPhone 5 on the carpet, on lineoleum, and even once I concrete. It didn't break. Some of that is luck -- any drop can break a phone if it lands juuust right -- but some credit also goes to the double-layer Superleggera Pro case.

Dual-layered cases like this offer better protection against rough handling. The silicone inner layer absorbs shock, and the hard outer shell protects against dings and is easy to slide in and out of your pocket. But while similar cases from Otterbox (the Commuter Series, $34.95) and Newer Technology (the two-in-one gel-lined NuGuard KX is $35) cost a little more, Acase offers the Superleggra Pro for $19.95. It comes in eight bright colors too: black, green, orange, hot pink, blue, red, white, and yellow.

You'll hear me harp on this time and again with iPhone 5 cases, but it bugs me when the opening for the Lightning cable can't also accommodate Apple's wider Lightning-to-30-pin Adapter, which needs to snap all the way flush with the bottom of the iPhone 5 or it won't work. If you don't use that thing all the time, like I do (every day in my car to connect to my stereo), you might not care. But I care! And the Superleggera Pro doesn't work with the adapter. However I was able to just pop the bottom of the iPhone out of the bottom of the case without the case falling off completely, and connect the adapter that way.

The bottom line. Without adding much bulk, the Superleggera Pro can protect your iPhone from life's slings and arrows, and look good while doing so.


iPhone 5 (also available for iPhone 4/4S)


Dual layer case. Doesn't add much bulk. Good drop protection. Eight color choices.


Lightning port opening is too small for Apple's Lightning-to-30-pin Adapter.



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