Surface with Metal Kickstand Combo for iPhone 5 Review

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Surface with Metal Kickstand Combo for iPhone 5 Review

Let's get this out of the way up front. 55 bucks is an insane amount of money to pay for an iPhone case, unless it's made of unicorn fur. The two-piece case fits snugly -- so much so that getting it off requires a fair amount of effort. It's available in a rainbow of eight different shades, and features a lightly-grippy surface. The case and holster are also available separately, and you can get the case with or without the metal kickstand, which only works in landscape orientation (not portrait).

The bottom line. It's pricey, but might make sense if you need a stand and a belt holster as well.


Surface with Metal Kickstand Combo


iPhone 5


Lots of colors. Super expensive, but you can also get the Surface case on its own ($29.95), Surface Combo ($49.95), or Surface with Metal Kickstand ($34.95).


So many buying options is confusing. Tough to get off.



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