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Bill Banche

1. can't contact Eltima by phone, even during business hours: never rings, machine picks up, gives business hours, asks to leave message promising to call asap, but box is full so cannot leave a message.
2. Using Mount DIsk and transferring pics causes serious Mac OS Mtn Lion finder crash, requiring 7 hour reinstall of Mac OS.
3. Can no longer sync Mac to Android Galaxy Note, which worked fine up until last Mount Disk.
It DOES recognize the android galaxy Note, but fails to sync every time no matter what I do, tried everything I could think of.

2012-11-05 08:26:04.034 SyncMateServer[321:c07] RestartReminder
2012-11-05 08:26:04.034 SyncMate[4367:d623]
Check connections.
2012-11-05 08:26:04.055 SyncMate[4367:d623] No connections ready to sync
2012-11-05 08:26:05.101 SyncMate[4367:d623]


Bill Banche

I too had trouble syncing using wifi Mac to android, but after the Samsung Galaxy Note was updated to ice cream sandwich, it works fine now.

Although, syncing is SLOW, with either wifi or USB, it takes 1:40 min EVERY SINGLE TIME, to do a regular sync, after the initial full sync is done. (WHICH TAKES A LONG TIME. )
I wonder, is the code written in BASIC? :)
But, it is the easiest way to sync Mac to Android phones!!
Kies is a joke.
It really makes me wonder: how can a company (Corporation) if they have any pride at all, produce something as clumsy, incomplete and almost worthless, as Kies is.
Basically Kies is only good for updating your OS on the android. AND like I say above, very poorly.

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