Targus Bluetooth Laser Mouse For Mac



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Bought this at OfficeMax for $29.99! for a desktop solution to my mbp. Agree with the review, but it is only a matter of time until someone makes the scroll button mappable. Unlike the review and comment, when I press mine, it enables auto scroll in OSX apps. Other reviews said it does nothing. Not sure. Either way, once mouse sensitivity is dialed down, it works perfectly. This is a great choice to get some mac-y tech without the issues of the gummed scroll ball of the mighty mouse. Learning curve is quick. Bluetooth works perfect with no lag, but I have noticed, with my wireless pro keyboard and the mouse both on via bluetooth, closing the lid of my mbp with an external monitor plugged in will cause the dual screen stretched desktop to switch to external monitor only and my MBP will not sleep, until I switch off the bt devices, or open the lid of the mbp and then unplug the external min-dvi and plug it back in again before closing the lid.  Not that big of a deal since I am plugged into the wall anyway. YMMV



I've had the Targus for about 2 months. I'd agree with everything you've commented on. In addition, the touch sensitive wheel sometimes just keeps scrolling even after you've quit sliding your finger. Primarily in Itunes.
I have found one use for the wheel click. In Moneydance, it's the only way to navigate to my accounts. The right or left buttons don't work but the center one does.
It's nice to use the bluetooth, (I have an aluminum Macbook) but I wouldn't buy it again. It's not that much better than the mighty mouse.

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