Teraglove Review

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Teraglove Review

Cleaning supplies for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac: Not the most exciting topic. On the riveting scale, it's up (OK, down) there with keeping your software updated and your data backed up. Except those other things can be kind of shoved to the back of your mind (or better yet, automated), while letting your touchscreen devices and Mac display get all grimy and fingerprint-covered is a little harder to ignore. Moshi's Teraglove improves on a normal cleaning cloth because it's machine washable, and it can double as a soft pocket to stash your earbuds.

At $20, it's not the cheapest cleaning cloth we've seen. But it's a vast improvement over wiping your phone on, say, your shirt, which just pushes the dirt and oil around on the screen. Microfiber cloths do a better job of removing that grime, and the Teraglove has two surfaces to clean and polish. It comes with a little spray bottle that you can use to spray the cloth before you wipe your screens, and that works well too but it's not strictly necessary. The "glove" part of Teraglove is how it's folded into a little pocket -- you can turn it inside-out for a fresh surface, and I often find myself stashing my earbuds inside to keep them from getting dusty or broken rattling around in my backpack.

The bottom line
. Think of it this way: No one needs a fancy water bottle, either, but if you have one you tend to drink more water, which is good. A nice cleaning cloth like the Teraglove isn't a necessity, but you'll be more likely to keep your screens clean.


 Anything with a screen


Cleans your screens with little effort. Spritz the cloth with water and it'll clean your Mac's screen without streaks. Machine washable.


You'll become addicted to constantly wiping down your iPhone.



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