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I have 'em both, but I really only use the LunaTik. I had some of the same reservations, but they are all in the past. I was shown (on YouTube) how to align the seam better, and as far as the difficulty of inserting the Nano and tightening the case, well, I haven't ever taken it out again!

What I really need are updates to the Nano! Let's have Bluetooth first on the list, and we won't have to mess with the earbud cords. Next we need customizable watch faces and a dimable, on-longer screen. Go crazy with the wish list and you'll add a WiFi radio so you can use it for FaceTime.

Apple may be adding a rear camera to Gen 7, but what it needs is a front-facing cam and Internet access!



I think the TikTok is quite fresh. It's not something you'd wear on a night out on the town, honey. lol I'd wear it in place when I don't want to wear a dressy watch. I can't wait to wear it to the gym (also thinking about what to do about the headphone wire).

All in all, I love it.



MacLife has been my friend these past six years - as I purchased my first Mac in 2006, and have never "looked back" at that other OS. I am a subscriber ... and learn something from EVERY issue.

But this TikTok project caught my eye. And thousands of others' eyes, too. Yes, I was one of the THOUSANDS who sent that gentleman money never actually seeing the product I was purchasing. And another interesting aspect of this project: a great deal of donations were from folks who did NOT even own the current generation iPod that it was to be used with.

I am not independently wealthy. But it was the guy's attitude. His communication style. I bought in to the TikTok watch band, and didn't own the appropriate iPod for it. I subsequently purchased a red nano after receiving my TikTok shipping notification back in December. I do not regret my decision a bit.

EVERY time I enter my local Apple store or Best Buy, I get inquiries from employees and fellow consumers about my LunaTik band. To the point where I just ordered some free VistaPrint business cards with contact info for the project's Web site to be able to hand to people. The quality is there. The unique-ness is there. And, for me, it all boils down to the attitude of the gentleman who proposed the project to the world last year.

If you were a donator, you received scores of "updates" from him as the project progressed. Highs and lows. The "lows" were mostly aspects that were out of his control - like shipping problems and problems with inaccurate or incomplete date from donators. I received my TikTok right on schedule back in December, 2010. And the vast majority of donators received theirs, too, right on schedule.

YES - it is a large band. And might not be "attractive" on smaller wrists. But between the quality of the finished product, the attitude of the creator, and the communications received throughout the manufacturing process, I could not be more pleased with my meager investment.

So excuse me for disagreeing with you on this project. It is a case of an Internet funding project that exceeded the originator's expectations. And I, as a mere end-user/donator am completely satisfied with my TikTok watch band.

Clint Bradford
Mira Loma CA US

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