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I do like Twitterrific 5, and it's my app of choice for Twitter. But, there are two things that irk me:

1) Can't refresh a DM "conversation." My wife and I use Twitter DMs to keep in touch throughout the day. If I am viewing the DM conversation, and I want to see if she's sent anything new, there's no way to refresh the DM display the way there is with the regular stream.

2) I can no longer attach images to a DM. I used to be able to tap to upload an image to Twitpic (or wherever), and the image URL would be placed in my tweet whether it was a public tweet or a DM. That still works for public tweets, but now when it's a DM, my tweet goes through with no image URL. I wonder why that is.

It's overall a nice app and I am looking forward to see how they develop it.



One of the most frustrating things for me in the new Twitterrific is the almost-not-noticable Tweet Marker. In the previous version we had a nice, big marker that was easy to spot while quickly scrolling (the desktop version still has it). In this new version the marker is a subtle color change to the very-skinny horizontal divider graphic between tweets. Not nearly visually robust enough to be helpful. Make that marker POP visually so it's quick and easy to find! Other than that, diggin' the app!


Gedeon Maheux

We're currently investigating implementing push notifications but the ball is in Twitter's court at the moment. We're awaiting word if it's even possible since they recently stated that 3rd party app's access to the push stream would be limited or denied.

As for jumping to the top of the timeline, simply tap the status bar (with the time) to scroll instantly to the top. This tip works even with the status bar hidden (two finger swipe upwards) in T5.



Thanks for the note, Gedeon. We've updated the review to correct the inaccuracy on that point.

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